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All About LilyAnna Blu

About me (mom)

About me (mom)
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Lily's Story
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LilyAnna Blu 0-2 years
Lily 2 & 3 yrs old
Lily 4
Preschool Graduation 05/30/2007
Lily's 5 now!
Andi Jane!
Andi Jane 2

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Who am I?  I am Kim, mom to LilyAnna Blu and Andi Jane.  I am a wife to my amazing husband Andrew who happens to be not only gorgeous but kind and a wonderful father. 

I am a former model who traveled the world.  I was even in an 8 page layout of "Fit Pregnancy" magazine while pregnant with Lily and was expecting a perfect world with our perfect daughter. 

Although she isn't "perfect" in the world’s standards she is perfect to us.  She is absolutely gorgeous and steals everyone's heart who meets her. 

So who am I? 

I am a mom, a wife, an UnRegistered Nurse, a DR. without a MD, an activist, an advocate, a fighter, a lover, a crier, a friend, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a blogger, a magazine addict, a taxi cab, & a payroll manager.

I am me.  Kim.

Kisses from Lily