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A little information on Andrew & myself

Like I said, Andrew & I met on New Years Eve of 00' - 01', it was an instant attraction and we ended up dancing the night away.  From that day on we spent every day together.  We met in AZ, spent a few months in his hometown in SD and we are now building our lives in Mesa, AZ.  Although we moved fast through our relationship we wouldn't change a they say when you know, you know!


Family Vacation

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Both my family and Andrew's family came to Puerto Vallarta to witness our wedding.  This picture was taken the day before the wedding with my parents and my niece and nephew.  Andrew hates this picture because of the dorky hat!

Day after the wedding, we are both sporting braids!




Our little family until 8/25/2002
(Sancho is the pug we adopted 05/12/01 he was only 8 weeks old, Haley is a mixture of all kinds of dogs & we took her from a family who was moving and couldn't take her with them, she is 4 yrs old)

Andrew & Kimberly Nothdurft